Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students|Complete Guide

This article is made only to help the scholarship seekers from the very basic level, and share opportunities of scholarships available worldwide at all degree-levels (Undergrad., Masters, PhD, and Post-Doc). Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students for undergraduates, graduates and post graduates if you wanna go to the research or academics, take admission in your field and start reading research papers/books, and read this article for abroad study completely as complete details is given below.

What is A Scholarship?

But Firs for those who have no idea about Scholarships and maybe asking What is a Scholarship! well according to oxford dictionary Scholarship means “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.” Generally Scholarship means funding the education of a student

In this article will help to find answers to very basic questions, such as the how to find, become eligible and apply for scholarships . Moreover, this document is expected to help one find the scholarship in even one specific subject of a field (e. g., big data in computer science; catalysis in chemical engineering; computational finance in finance/banking; political history in history/arts, etc) Before start, Students looking for scholarships to study abroad Please, do your best to find abroad scholarships for study opportunities, StudyHunt is great place to find such opportunities, always look for opportunities related to your requirements, criteria or facts, if you still need further help or guidance regarding some specific issue, you may ask in the comment sections. Patience is the key You wont scholarship offer on your first try You will finally get only one opportunity which you truly deserve, from the available thousands of opportunities Ultimately it will give u a lot satisfaction and reward. For the ones who know about some other scholarship links or websites or groups which you think are the most useful and easy to use, please do share those here to make it even a better document.

Finally, please do not leave a single opportunity (no matter how small or big it seems to be) to serve your country.

Types of Scholarship by application method

There are three methods to apply for scholarships to Study Abroad.

  • Direct or Individual

Individually apply for scholarships on the universities

  • Through Embassy

The 3rd party scholarship source like through Higher Education Commission (HEC).

  • Professorship

Apply through the Proposal Email to Universities Professors for acceptance letters. The email must in a well attractive way. Professor Emails you can find easily by using Google Scholars.

Some Tips &

Ask for help if you did not ask you did not get anything.

Research on scholarships in which countries you are interested to do more and more research on scholarships.

Manners/ Habits is mattered a lot for the scholarships mostly students don’t know sometimes you have to do something with smart work.

Documentations Requirements:

  1. CV/ Resume (Professional for Scholarships)
  2. Degree/ Transcript
  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP)/ Scholarship Essay/ Motivational Statements /Research Statement
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Experience
    • Certificates
    • Why You
    • Tell Your Strength
    • Check Your writing skills through SOP
    • Tell about your research work (Research Proposal)
  4. English language
    • English Proficiency Certificate
    • IELTS
    • TOEFL
    • GRE
  5. Recommendation Letters/ Reference Letters
  6. Publications
  7. Experience

Research for Scholarships:

  • How to find scholarships
  • To get scholarships
  • How to Apply for Scholarships

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Types of Scholarships:

  • Academic: CGPA, IELTS, Awards, Strong Profile
  • Athletic:  Sports, Other Activities
  • Special Interest: Passion
  • Situational: Income, Achievements (Volunteers), Field of Study,  Country-Specific, University/College/School Specific.

Ask for help if you don’t understand something you can ask
from your professors, seniors and everybody else is there for you.

The more helping guidelines and the material will be shared soon for the Scholarships for Abroad Study | Complete Guide.

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  1. How to find scholarships
  2. How to Apply for Scholarships
  3. How To get scholarships
  4. Scholarships Methods
  5. Which Documents required for Scholarships
  6. Some Tips & Tricks

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