Strategy for Scholarships Aspirants | Study Abroad

Strategy for Scholarships Aspirants | Study Abroad you must read this to do your homework for any scholarship and admission abroad that will be posted here.

A Complete Guide to Study Abroad

1. Start by making a good CV (academic).

2. Also, prepare and give IELTS/TOEFL/GRE (whichever you prefer as it depends upon the requirements of university/country) but is necessary to gain admission in high /good ranking universities. Good scores are must as average not do much in gaining a scholarship.

3. Make all your education documents in order that is transcripts, degree certificates, attestations of all the degrees and transcripts by HEC, etc. Up-to-date and correct travel documents like CNIC, Passport, Police verifications, health certificates, etc.

4. Prepare statement of interest/ motivation also prepare answers to some basic questions;(why u want to do this degree from abroad, what skills will this degree bring to you, where do u see yourself in 5 years from now, how would you contribute to country once you return back, etc.) to help u fill applications/pass interview. (u can also search a file uploaded by me with name typical interview questions)

5. Select 2 to 3 subjects of your interests (if u r masters student) and /or Outline basic research proposal if research student (at this stage it should be for yourself to be clear which area u want to study ahead and u become familiar with issues and current ongoing work in the area … u can always modify this later according to changes required e.g. after discussing with Professor … this is also necessary to create a good impression with your prospective supervisor when u discuss your intentions) this should be made even if u r applying for the non-research degree to know about the background area of your interested subject.

6. In light of the above subjects /outlined proposal, target universities/departments u want to do your studies from (to know their specific eligibility criteria) … try collecting all the materials required for admission and apply in it to get admission offer.. some scholarships require that candidates already hold an admission offer.

7. Search interested universities websites, if these universities offer scholarships/funding (note most of the universities offer them but they are very competitive).

8. Also look for other scholarships that are offered by Government / International organization e.g. Commonwealth scholarship, DAAD & Fulbright, Vanier Canada, Singa Scholarships, Endeavour Scholarships, Türkiye Bursları scholarships, Twain Scholarships, Korean scholarships, Chinese scholarships, Bestway Foundation scholarship, Anne Marie Schimmel Scholarships, Vicky Noon Oxford University scholarship, Strathclyde-Pakistan50th Anniversary Scholarship, etc … for these scholarships go to donor/sponsors/ university website as usually, they open between May – Nov. You may also target those universities that offer scholarships to international students e.g. in the UK many universities like Uni of Manchester, Uni of Bath, Edinburgh Uni, Kings College, Queens University Belfast, Cardiff University, etc offer once a year.

9. Fill in the forms carefully & proofread (no spelling mistakes, no formatting mistakes and all required documents in order). A good scholarship application takes a minimum 2-3 weeks to get ready.

10. Be prepared for investing time, hard work and rejections but don’t lose hope and be persistent – it normally takes between 6 months to 2 yrs to get one.

Don’t rely on HEC at all costs… Go for international scholarships. Daad, Erasmus, MEXT, CSC, Full Bright. Give a good GRE and go for it. Strategy for Scholarships Aspirants | Study Abroad

Credit: Shazia
Farman Ali Qazi


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Strategy for Scholarships Aspirants | Study Abroad

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