STI Jobs 2021 by Punjab Govt of Pakistan – Upcoming 6868+ Vacancies of School Teaching Internees STIs

Great opportunity for Teachers is open as applications are invited to apply for STI Jobs 2021 by Punjab Govt of Pakistan with Upcoming Vacancies of School Teaching Internees STIs. The total 6868+ vacancies for Phase-1 has been announced by STI Jobs 2021-2022 by Punjab Govt of Pakistan Upcoming of School Teaching Internees STIs Government Jobs for Male & Female. The duration of these School Teacher Internees is 6 months with a monthly salary will be given.

To eliminate the shortage of teachers in the schools of Punjab with respect to the emerging needs of students, the Department of School Education, Government of Punjab is planning to launch School Teacher Internees(STIs) in the style of Punjab CTIs. The teachers are likely to be paid a reasonable salary which will be finalized by the end of this month. Stay Tuned for to grab this opportunity will be shared on of School Teaching Interns (STIs).

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It has also been decided to have temporary School Teachers Interns (STIs) in Punjab schools. For which they will be given a monthly stipend from Rs. 18,000 to Rs 30,000 depending upon level of (From Primary to Higher Secondary) while their initial period will be 6 months. The department has been sent to the Chief Minister Punjab for the recruitment of STIs. Initially, it has been proposed to hire more than 20,000 temporary teachers in Punjab for higher and higher secondary schools, 6868 STIs will be hired in Phae-1.

The eligible candidates with the required qualifications can apply for the STI Jobs 2021 by Punjab Govt of Pakistan for Upcoming 3000 Vacancies of School Teaching Internees through Online Teacher Recruitment System (OTRS) by Punjab Government of Pakistan. The details and descriptions of each post are given below.

Keep in mind this is the Phase-1 of the recruitment of the internees initially at the Six districts of DG Khan, Gujranwala, Rahim Yar Khan, Mianwali, Rajanpur and Sialkot for Primary School Teachers(PST), Elementary School Teachers(EST), Secondary School Teachers(SST). There will be total of Six Phases to recruit STIs in all over Punjab chool Education Department.

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 STI Jobs 2021 Detail:

Organization: School Education Department Govt of Punjab
Gender: Male/Female
No of Vacancies: 6868+
Required Education : Graduation, Masters
Eligibility Phase 1 selected districts
Position School Teacher Internees
Stipend 30,000 per Month
Duration 6 Months
Deadline 27-07-2021
Jobs details for Punjab school teacher internees

School Council Recruitment Committee

Head teachers will convene a meeting of the school council and receive nominations for the recruitment committee as per prescribed composition,

  • Head teacher
  • Co-chairman of School Council
  • Parent Member
  • General Member
  • Teacher Member


Following are the educational requirements,

  • For Primary minimum Matric with at least 2nd Division
  • For Elementary minimum Inter with at least 2nd division
  • For Secondary & Higher Secondary minimum Bachelors (BA/B.Sc/BS) with at least

Age Requirements

  • Male Minimum 20 Years to Maximum 50 Years
  • Female Minimum 20 Years to Maximum 55 Years

What is the Stipend Amount for STIs

Following i the salary package for School Teacher Interns

  • For Primary:18000 per month max or Rs. 720 per day
  • For Elementary:20000 per month or Rs. 800 per day
  • For Secondry:25000 per month or Rs. 1000 per day
  • For Higher Secondary: 30000 per month or Rs. 1200 per day

Tertiary Eligibility

  • Candidates which reside at the same neighborhood /village panchayat council where school exist are only eligible to apply for School Teacher Interns.
  • School Council Recruitment Committee shall verify the residential status from the residential certificates issued by village panchayat/ Neighborhood Council.

Tenure of internship

One academic session or till the arrival of regular appointee. if an internee resign or not willingly to join, the next candidate in the merit list shall be given the opportunity.

Term of Internship

This is a temporary job which can be terminated by the selection committee at any time due to unsatisfactory performance.

Joining Period

The selected STI have to assure acceptance of internship letter to school within 7 days


Two casualy leaves per month are entitled to STI however these are non paid leaves.


The placement is non transferable

Experience Certificate

An experience certificate will be awarded to the candidate after successful complete of his/her internship period.

Ranking Criteria for Primary level Teachers

Matric: 55 Marks
Inter:15 Marks
Graduation(2 Years): 15 Marks
Master: 10 Marks
BS:25 Marks
Interview:5 Marks

Ranking Criteria forElementary Level Teachers

Matric:15 Marks
Inter:55 Marks
Graduation(2 Years)15 Marks
Master:10 Marks
BS:25 Marks
Interview:5 Marks

Ranking Criteria forSecondary and Higher Secondary Teacher

Matric:15 Marks
Inter:15 Marks
Graduation(2 Years)55 Marks
Master:10 Marks
BS:65 Marks
Interview:5 Marks

Marks Calculation Formula

Marks Obtained/Total Marks*Marks Allocated(up to 3 digits after decimal)

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The school Education Department will place an advertisement for STIs on 1st July 2021. Last date to apply through OTRS is 27 July 2021.

How to Apply For STI Jobs

First download fill the application form for School Teacher Internees from link below, you can also You can also get the application form from districts/tensile offices of CEOs, DEOs & Dy.DEOs of DG Khan, Gujranwala, Rahim Yar Khan, Mianwali, Rajanpur and Sialkot districts.

Due to issues to the online registration by education department of Punjab candidates can no longer apply online.

To apply candidates have to visit nearest school in your union council and ask them for the application form for STI they will assist you.

all the requirements and procedure is been given at

To apply for jobs as School teacher Internee or STI, candidates have to apply through Government of Punjab’s Online Teacher Recruitment System (OTRS)

  • Advertisement will be placed on 1st July 2021
  • Application Submission Date: 15th July 2021
  • Pre-Interview Merit List:19th July 2021
  • Interview: 20th July To 3rd August 2021 (date different for each position )
  • Final Merit List: 23rd July To 4th August 2021 (date different for each position )
  • Internship Letter: 5th August To 11th August (date different for each position )
  • Next Merit List: OTRS will generate next merit list in case of rejection of candidates or new vacancies.

Apply for STI Jobs

Application Formfor STI

Download application form for the school teacher internees and attach all the required documents and submit to the school near you or in your union council.

application form

For video guidance to apply for School teacher internees (STI) visit link below

Watch Video How to Apply for STI Jobs

STI jobs official Advertisement

school teacher internees 2021 advertisement
how to apply for sti jobs

سکول ایجوکیشن میں بھرتیاں

چھ مراحل میں کالج ٹیچنگ انٹرنز CTIs کی طرز پہ سکول ٹیچنگ انٹرنز STIs کو HIRE کرنے کی پالیسی
ہر مرحلہ میں چھ اضلاع میں یہ سیٹس مشتہر کی جائیں گی_ پہلے مرحلہ میں ڈیرہ غازیخان، گجرانوالہ، رحیم یار خان،میانوالی، راجن پور اورسیالکوٹ میں STIs بھرتی کیے جائیں گے۔

پراٸمری کلاسز پڑھانے کیلیۓ میٹرک پاس
مڈل کلاسز کیلیۓ انٹر پاس
ہاٸی کلاسز کیلیۓ گریجوایشن ہونا ضروری ہے

یکم جولائی سے سکولوں میں اساتذہ بھرتی کیے جائیں گے
تعلیم میٹرک تا ایم اے
عمر 22 تا 50
سکولوں میں بھرتی ہونے والے عارضی ٹیچرز کا ٹیسٹ نہیں ہوگا

میٹرک انٹر بیچلرز اور ماسٹرس کے حاصل کردہ نمبرز کی بنیاد پر میرٹ بنےگا اور بھرتی ہوگی
سکولوں میں بھرتی ہونے والے عارضی ٹیچرز کی تنخواہ
ہائیرسیکنڈری ٹیچر 30000
سیکنڈری سکول ٹیچر 25000
ایلیمنٹری 20000
پرائمری 18000

_محکمہ تعلیم نے اساتذہ کی صرف عارضی فی یوم اجرت کے لحاظ سے پنجاب کے 6 اضلاع میں بھرتی کا آغاز کر دیا_

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