Schoolboy Q – NigHtmare on Fig St. Lyrics

Schoolboy Q – NigHtmare on Fig St. Lyrics

[Schoolboy Q:]
What’s 50 grand to a muh fucka like me, can you please remind me?
Shit, I’ll remind ya
Put that steel behind ya
Put ya five inside ya
Better chill out with’ all that flossin’ potna
(Ball so hard) you must be cray
Leave em in the streets with his shoelaces missin’
And socks up off his feet
Pistol holdin’ gonorrhea nigga
Skeet skeet
Soul dropped
Rock dropped
Dot dropped
Black Hippy, TDE
Well fuck it nigga let’s 4-peat
A dope Hoover dealer, uh, ADHD, fuck that
Let’s bake coke and cook crack
Fuck the sheriffs, the gang unit
Fuck crash
Pimp hoes or wring ya bread, she love tracks

Crack of dawn
Figg get it, yeah we get it, yeah
Figg get the money, yeah
All season, every year
Niggas better hope our star poppin
Before I start robbin the reup with oxycontin

On figg we see it
We need it
We want it
We get it
It’s stormin’, it’s snowin’, it’s floodin’
And still out here thuggin’
On figg we see it
We need it, we want it
We get it
Figg get the money yea
Figg get the money yea

Uh, what’s 50 grand to a muh fucka like you, you still need a reminder?
(Yeah, thought so)
Shit I’m loco
38 brown [?] call him coco
Stick around the block boy
Tell em go go
Don’t stop shootin til ya all red tho
Yellow tape muh fucka shoulda yield ho (shoulda yield ho)
Why you all tough fo’?
See yo’ gangsta ass later at the crossroads

The landlord turn your lieutenant into a tenant
And if ya rims spinnin’ ya jaw dented
I’m a grown man dog, I ain’t kiddin’
The end has come
So, keep weed and big lungs
Big guns
Brought on her knees
The holy ghost, she speak in tongues
Murder searchin’
Why even run when scotty done
Nigga you must got me confused
Bitch I’m from the groove
On figg side makin moves
Drive to pussy more than I do to church
No AC, but the heater work, MURK!