D12 – 6 Reasons Lyrics

D12 – 6 Reasons Lyrics

The Underground EP
6 Reasons
They wish that they could bear me black
D12 standin back
No plan in that
Death met this
We got a hand in that
Who ever run this shit
You get me a jammed knee cap
Make the healthy get your fam, handicapped
You a fan of rap
My clan attack your school, home, your bitch house
Pull my nine milli you die with your fist out
Im here in this, it’s over when
Venomous, ???
Drunken dialect with agressive sober bitch
My bionic phonics demonish elonics demonic is tainted chronic
Impossible to hold down like vomit
Mics upon it you stayed a ??? it
Like tourists that Islamic
I enter atmosphere like a comet
The new god of rap call me nigga thor
Snap your back when I slap your ass in the figure four
From miles around they can feel its leathal
I make hardcore groups like wu-tang look like the village people
No sequal, the general with the sinistal
I’ll punch your mindstate and kill your inner child

It’s been awhile since you bitch niggas heard of me
Cuz the last six months I’ve been doing R & B
But now I’m on some sick shit
Niggas better duck quick
You know who you’re fuckin with
I’ll leave your niggas beathless
Seein me and Bugz rollin in the blue hummer
You a bitch
Scared to shoot like Linsay Hunter
Don’t need to be a father cuz I’m just too illmatic
I’ll probably posion my kids like I was in the alley
Fuckin Anerexic digexlic fuck alexic
I’m doing drive by’s in fusha bmx’s

[Kon Artis]
I know a girl that says she prio
And her sign is leo
Bugsy fucked her in a regal
Then she took me to my P.O
Fuck rollin C Low
I’m down to a c note
Lost a G rollin dice at that punk ass casino
But fuck it, shit
Cuz when time gets bad see me in drag whippin mags on unsuspectin fags
I gotta shoot, bitch, you got to boot
And hurry up wit it
I’m tryin to catch this prostitute

Lets have a ???
Fuck around with us and see what happen
We all got them guns clappin
Got your niggas back trackin
Yeah we dump bodies on sea shores
Bustin D.Js over they backs with keyboards
Turn up my levels
Your crew is frutier than pepples
Changin your razor back mcs to runnin doubles
Bust up
Kon Artis quick to smack your slut up
Keep a pack of rubbers just in case I gotta nut up
Brigade style hold them all down
Thats how it’s meant to be
You kick the same shit your whole tape sound like a symphony
Don’t say shit to me ???, connin your daughter
Talkin bitches out like they pennies, dollars and quarters
Like that horseman I’ll leave you wack clowns head-less
While safariers come to my show and leave jealous
You ever said this slash rapper and producer
Wouldn’t make your head twist
Guard your grill and your necklace

I got six reasons why we keep shit comin
Dirty dozen left niggas runnin for cover
Hiding behind they lovers
Squeelin out peelin rubber
As we shout “Don’t fuck with dirty dozen”