Latest Tiger force Registration Jobs 2020 How to Apply for Online Registration

Tiger Force Registration has started because as you all know the novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc and create panic not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. With close to a Million affected cases and thousands of confirmed deaths. In Pakistan, it is not that different situation with 1872 confirmed cases and 25 deaths with this novel coronavirus.

Countries that have taken strong precautionary measures have been able to minimize the damage due to this coronavirus pandemic. Likewise in Pakistan To combat the latest coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic it was necessary to form Tiger Force Registration.The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has decided to form a special volunteer force, A Corona Relief Tiger Force Volunteer’s Program.


A group of volunteers that will help the government
to fight problems that arise due to coronavirus and
help those in need.


• Identification of deserving people in the respective locality
• Rashan Distribution in the respective locality
• Transportation & Mobilization of Workers on honorary hired vehicles
• Space provision for storage of goods etc. in the respective locality
• Quarantine Center Management in the respective locality
• Surveillance of home quarantine in the respective locality
• Social Guide in Hospital / Public Places
• Data collection of the unemployed laborer
• Track & Trace (Suspect & Report)
• Identification of
• Hoarding, high prices, adulteration
• Violation of restrictions
• High handedness of administration
• Public Announcements & Funeral Management
• Enforcement of Lockdown
• Any other task/assignment assigned by the concerned Govt. authority


• People aged 18 & above
• Healthy people
• People who are willing


• Recognition by the Prime Minister
• Issuance of certificates by concerned Deputy

Tiger Force Bharti

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Purpose of Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration Jobs

Due to lockdown across the country, the daily wage earner has been crushed financially as Prime minister Imran khan said around 7 million daily wage earners would be paid Rs. 3000 to help them and there families with this pandemic. Corona Relief Tiger Registration Force will help carry out this operation.

Jobs in Corona Relief Tiger Force will help the volunteers to provide ration bags and provide assistance at the quarantine centers and hospitals and also arrange funerals. Relief Tiger Force will also be collecting data and information about patients and help the Law Enforcement Agencies to enforce lockdown.

Tiger Force Jobs 2020

To carry out the relief operation for corona pandemic candidates will be selected from the Tiger Force online Registration Process. And the candidates who are selected for the Tiger Force Jobs 2020 will carry out the relief operation mentioned above.

Tiger Force Registration Online Apply:

Applicants who are interested to join Tiger Force registration can apply for online.

Tiger Force Form

applicants who want to apply have to fill the complete Tiger Force Form for the registration.

Tiger Force Apply Online

Interested candidates who want to apply online for Tiger Force jobs can go to Pakistan Citizen Portal and apply. Link is given below to apply for Pakistan tiger Force registration online.

Deadline for Tiger Force Registration online

The last date to apply for Tiger Force Registration Online is 15 April 2020.

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Tiger Force Salary

Salary of tiger force is not mentioned by the government.

Tiger Force ki salary kitni ha ye abi tak nahi batay gaya

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Latest Tiger force Jobs 2020 How to Apply for Online Registration

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