Join Pakistan Army after FSc AFNS Test Syllabus, Test Preparation as Armed Forces Nursing Service

Join Pakistan Army as inviting female applications from all over Pakistan for Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS) and they will be part of the Pakistan Army Nursing Corps. Join Pakistan Army after FSc AFNS Test Syllabus, Test Preparation as Armed Forces Nursing Service. AFNS Test Preparation best way is From Dogar Books. Here you can also find the helping material of AFNS test Interview Preparation. The AFNS Interview important questions and other things related to the interview please check the links given below. Video Uploaded: AFNS Test Preparation | Syllabus | How to Apply Online

Age Limit: 17 to 25 years
Qualification: Minimum 60% marks in Matric (Science), Minimum 50% marks in FSc (Pre-medical)

Note: Candidates who have passed Part-I of Intermediate Examination (having 50% marks in 1st year) can also apply and appear in test on the basis of Hope Certificate.

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Pakistan Army AFNS Syllabus For Expected AFNS Entry Test:

  1. Academic
  2. Verbaland Non-Verbal
  3. Intelligence/Personality Test
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Note: You will get 30 minutes for each portion


Registration Date: will be informed to students via sms and email
Initial Test: will be informed to students via sms and email
Interview Call: will be informed to students via sms and email
Interview Date: will be informed to students via sms and email

We were asked to reach ASRC Quetta by 7:15AM. From there we were taken to the General Headquarters Quetta at about 8 O’Clock. 13 candidates were shortlisted for the Final Interview but 12 appeared. Interview process continued from 8 O’Clock till 2 O’clock. Every candidate was given 5min, 15min, 20 min and 30 min respectively. 4/12 candidates were rejected and the rest of us made to the list of candidates for Final Medical. We were offered breakfast and lunch as well.

I pushed the door open, asked permission before entering the room and greeted the 2 officers ( 1male + 1female ) who were in the room. GHQ Panel consisting of 5 members joined us live. They asked me to give my interview in English to which I agreed.

They: So xyz where are you from?
Me: Sir, I’m from abc.
They: This place is far away from Quetta. What are you doing here?
Me: Gave them the reason.
They: Where is your village located in abc province?
Me: Couldn’t explain it better, so, I had to say I might need a map and they all laughed.
They: Okay. Can you name the mountain ranges which are in Pakistan?
Me: Sir, there are numerous mountain ranges. But the main ranges are this this (I added a brief description of each as well).
They: Good. What about the highest mountain?
Me: Before telling them about K2, I told them about Mount Everest first and then gave the rest of the details including their height and the areas to which they’re stretched.
They: Nice. Do you know about the place where certain mountain ranges meet?
Me: Sir, it has been a long time since I studied Geography. Sorry, I can’t recall this much.
They: Haha. Okay. We’ve gone through your result cards. You’ve exceptional marks. We’re going to ask you one question from Biology. If you answer it correct, we won’t ask any other (academic) question. Are you ready?
Me: Yes, Sir.
They: Which artery supplies blood to Heart?
Me: Sir, there isn’t any artery which supplies blood to the heart except Coronary. The rest of them carry blood away from the heart.
They: Okay. What do you like to do in leisure?
Me: Sir, I like to read books, newspapers and magazines.
They: Interesting. Why didn’t you go for MBBS?
Me: Sir, I applied for MBBS but the merit was too high so I couldn’t make it to it.
They: Seems like Nursing is your second option. You must be feeling bad?
Me: No, Sir. My interest is in Medicine. It doesn’t matter if I’m becoming Doctor or Nurse. They both have the same roots.
They: If we give you a chance to choose between Pharm-D, DPT, MLT or Nursing, what would you prefer?
Me: Sir, I have already enrolled myself for Pharm-D program. But I don’t like Chemistry so I would definitely choose Nursing.
They: What about DPT and the rest?
Me: The reasons are varied.
( I don’t know if this sentence is grammatically correct but who cares xd )
They: Okay, fine. Thankyou!

They also asked about my family details in between. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Looking forward to Final Medical.

Academic (Portion):


  • Living and Non-Living
  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Plant Physiology
  • Animal Physiology
  • Reproduction in Plant and Animals Genetic Basis of Inheritance
  • Origin and Evolution of Life
  • Human Disorder’s
  • Ecology and Ecosystems


  • Unit’s and Measurement’s
  • Mechanic’s 
  • Heat Transfer
  • Vibration’s and Wave’s
  • Light and Sound
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern Physic’s


  • The Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Chemical Reaction’s
  • States of Matter
  • Mixtures, Solutions, and Solubility
  • The Gas Law’s
  • Element’s and Compounds
  • The Periodic Table
  • Important Concepts of Organic Chemistry
  • Water and Organic Compounds in the Environment


  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Propositions
  • Punctuation’s
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Correct use of Tenses
  • Active and Passive voice
  • Blanks
  • Grammar
  • Analogy
  • Spelling
Verbal & Non-Verbal (Portion):

Intelligence/Personality Test:

For Online Preparation of Verbal / Non-verbal / Intelligence / Academic kindly visit on links below.

Here are some links of Dogars Brother AFNS book helpful for your preparation


Physics Subject of AFNS Test Preparation


BIOLOGY Subject of AFNS Test Preparation


CHEMISTRY Subject of AFNS Test Preparation

Antonyms (ENG):

Antonyms (ENG) Subject of AFNS Test Preparation

Idioms/Phrases (ENG):

Idioms/Phrases (ENG) Subject of AFNS Test Preparation

Narration/Voice (ENG):

Narration/Voice (ENG) Subject of AFNS Test Preparation

Preposition (ENG):

Preposition (ENG) Subject of AFNS Test Preparation

Synonyms (ENG):

Synonyms (ENG) Subject of AFNS Test Preparation


Intelligence Nonverbal Subject of AFNS Test Preparation


Intelligence Verbal Subject of AFNS Test Preparation

Some Important Questions For Intelligence Test

Here is Guideline about AFNS Selection Process:

Step 1. AFNS ke registration mostly July/Aug mein hote hain. Current situation mein may be late ho sakte hain.

Step 2. Ap per online registration karne Hai. After some hours apko date mill jae ge.

Step 3. Apko apna tamam documents with registration slip ka sath Center pohnchna Hai. Slip per mentioned date per wahan apko Rs 300 ka prospectus handover karein and Stamp on your Docs.

Step 4. First apke documents verification hoge…

Step 5. After that apko it hall bhej diya jae line mein for test.

Step 6. Online computerized test ka 3 portion honga…
1. Intelligence subdivided hoga…
a. Verbal Test 84 Qs in 20-30 mints
b. Non-Verbal Qs 64 Qs in 20-30 mints es portion ko clear karein ge tou he next portions open hoga.
2. Academic portion 50Qs in 30 mints (PHY, Chemistry, Bio, and ENG)
3. Personality Qs in 30 to 35 mints.

Step 7. Online test clear hona per apko initial medical ka liya bulaya Jae ga or apka Flat foot, Knock knee, Carrying angle, Eyes, height, BMI waghera check hoga.

Step 8. Initial medical clear karna ka baad form filling hoge Jo apko 1 din baad center mein submit karwana hoga.

Step 9. You have to wait for GHQ panel Interview. Because Short listed girls ko call ate Hai.

Step 10. GHQ panel interview 15 to 30 min ka interview hota hai panel mein psychology bhi hota hain

Step 11. Then there will be Final Medical in detail.

Step 12. GHQ will formulate a merit list.

Step 13. Selected females are called for Training that is the process I hope ap logo ki confusion khtm ho gai hogi..!

Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS Medical Test:

Pakistan Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS Initial Medical Examination at Army Selection and Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs).

After the initial Written Test clearance or passed the initial test then the initial Medical Test Examination is done on the same date or date given by the concerned department. There are following things includes in the initial medical examinations or medical test.

  1. HEIGHT 5’ Foot ( 152.4 cm )
  2. WEIGHT ( According to BMI )
  3. EYESIGHT ( 6/6 with glasses )
  4. TEETH ( Complete / unaffected )
  5. NAILS ( Complete/unaffected )
  6. EARS ( Clean )
AFNS Interview Helping Material:

Click Here For Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS Interview Preparation

AFNS Eligibility Criteria:

Click Here to Register Armed Forces Nursing Service Online

YouTube Videos Guidance:

How to Apply Online Click Here For YouTube Video Guidance

Please Watch the Video For Complete Guidance & Sample Papers

Google Drive PDF:

Click Here For Preparation PDF Files From Google Drive

There are the following Images of AFNS Test Sample Papers of Verbal & Non-Verbal Intelligence Test.

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