How to turn an Apple Watch on (or off)

Sometimes it’s the simple things that baffle us – and the fact that something is basic makes it even more annoying that we don’t know how it’s done. And what could be more basic than turning a device or on off?

In fact many users of smartwatches (and smartphones, tablets and computers) find they’re not sure exactly how to turn their device on and off, because there are so many different ways to achieve this. So don’t worry. In this article we explain how to turn on (or turn off) an Apple Watch.

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How to turn off an Apple Watch

Let’s start by turning off your watch. Needless to say, if your device is already off, jump to the next section.

To turn it off, press and hold the Side Button – that’s the flat button on the, er, side of the watch, next to the Digital Crown dial.

After you’ve held it down for a few seconds, a number of sliders will appear on screen. You should swipe your finger across the top one (POWER OFF) from left to right. Your Apple Watch will now power off.

How to turn off an Apple Watch

(Press Cancel if you change your mind.)

How to turn on an Apple Watch

This is easier. If your watch is powered off, all you need to do is press and hold the Side Button. After a few seconds the Apple logo will appear on screen, and after waiting for anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes, you’ll see the passcode screen and the device will be ready to go.