Apple lowers prices for AppleCare+ for M1 Macs

Apple has lowered the price of its AppleCare+ warranty extension for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

For the MacBook Air, which Apple only sells in the M1 version, the insurance now costs £189/$199 instead of £229/$249.

Apple now charges £229/$249 for the M1 13in MacBook Pro. The M1 MacBook Pro insurance used to cost £249/$269 and the insurance of the Intel version of the 13in MacBook Pro remains at that price.

If you recently bought AppleCare+ for the aforementioned devices, you can contact Apple customer service and have the option to switch to the cheaper tariff.

The prices for the excess remain the same, £79/$99 for damage to the screen and housing, £229/$299 for all others. Up to two damages are insured within twelve months.

The warranty is extended to three years and the 24/7 support, which is only valid for 90 days after purchase, is also valid for three years. Theft and loss are not covered by the insurance.

Why Apple has only lowered prices for the M1 MacBook models is unknown.

You can buy AppleCare for your Mac on Apple’s website.

iPad Pro insurance

In contrast, the insurance for the 12.9in iPad Pro with M1 has become more expensive compared to its predecessor. AppleCare+ for the new 12.9in iPad Pro 12.9” introduced in April now costs £149/$149, instead of £129/$129.

The insurance for the 11in model with M1 has remained the same price £129/$129. The surcharge is likely to be related to the more expensive mini LED – likely to be one reason why the price of the new 12.9in model increased.

You can buy AppleCare for your iPad on Apple’s website.

We have more details about AppleCare+ in a separate article.

This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam. Via MacRumors.