Google Scholarships| e-learning 100,000 scholarships 2021

Who doesn’t know about Google? Google is the most known organization in the world and announced Google Scholarships| e-learning 100,000 scholarships 2021. These scholarships are fully funded. As Covid 19 is outburst and unemployment is increasing day by day In this scenario, Google’s 100,000 scholarships are a cool breeze. No need to waste money on tickets VISA all procedures will be online google gives training in the world’s most known courses online. It also promotes digital literacy globally.

USA universities have opened their free online education platforms for students. Google scholarship is the online learning and the candidates will get degrees equivalent to degree holder students and without spending a single cent you will get a certificate from the USA company. No hard and fast rules to get admission in Google e-learning courses. This training can be finished in 2 to 3 months and you will be pro in relevant field if you have the enthusiasm to learn something.

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No specific qualifications you can enroll at any level of your education. Today is the era of technology and tech companies need highly qualified and trained persons to fill their less tech staff. Google scholarships will train new students in market demand courses.


Organization Google
Total number of 100,000
Platform Online E-Learning
Gender Males, Females
Google Scholarships| e-learning 100,000 scholarships 2021

About Scholarship:

Many big companies introduced their courses through digital learning and using e-learning platforms many companies like Upwork, Silicon valley, etc. also created their own market demanding courses, the same Google did in a huge volume. As its employees said Google e-learning program is the most popular program on Coursera and after completing degrees many people get good jobs.

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Google Expenses:

Google launches its training programs and it cost them about 10, million$ in E-learning training and certifications.

Benefits of Courses:

These google courses are very benefits and their benefits include:

  • These courses are equivalent to a university degree
  • No enrollment fee
  • Only focus on skill making
  • No degree is required for registration
  • Google staff themselves give training

Main Courses and their market Value:

Google is focusing on the main market demanding courses which cover most of the demand of the high tech companies which include:

  • Data analytics
  • Project Management
  • User Experience UX Design

Data Analytics:

By getting a command on this course when the student will be a full hand full experienced he can get a handsome job. 60,000$ to 70,000$ per year earned by experienced students. Google paid its lowest-paid data analyst at entry level at 51,000$

User Experience UX design:

According to google UX designers can earn up to 75,000$ a year. Just required thing is that you should be fully focused on hands out and learn how to use them in practical fields.

Project Management:

The most important course is project management as management is very necessary for each and every project so the student if get good learning experience then he can get a good job in a good firm.

Selection Criteria:

No degree is required just have good learning sense to absorb the most demanding skills
No working experience through this platform you will get experience.


No specific deadline you can apply at any time of the year because the main purpose of this program is to aware the students of the most demanding skills of the environment.


The duration of Google scholarships is 3 to 6 months.


After completion of these free-of-cost courses, Google will reward you with your certificates and you can make your CVS worthy.

How to Apply:

Many big companies shared news of this google opportunity as this is for the welfare of the world and the welfare of the international students who wanted to do something in practical fields. These courses are online and free of cost so you have to apply online through Coursera.

Apply Online in Google Scholarships via Coursera

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